Toni Rodergeneral manager
Mechanical engineer FH/STV
Sanja DjakovicMSc in Mechanical Engineering
Fabian WyssenBSc in Mechanical Engineering
Marcel WellenreiterBSC in Mechanical Engineering

Your partner for innovation and sophisticated solutions.

Since 1994 the team of RODER ENGINEERING AG is realizing sophisticated projects from the first idea until commissioning, in the fields of mechanical engineering, rolling mills, winding technology and strip processing. The company is located in the placid Münsingen, but the quality and the know-how are valued far beyond the borders of the Alps and the cantons.


In the medical, electrical and watch industry we have established ourselves with the forming and processing of flat wire and strip material. We are pleased to support you on the optimization of your forming processes and demonstrate you the possibilities on our demonstration facilities.


We have a broad, regional network of specialists. Thanks to the long-standing partnerships for manufacturing, assembling and electrical control systems, our products meet the highest quality requirements.


We are pleased to realize with you tailor-made solutions at the highest level.


December 2020

straightening and sawing machine for profiles (video)

For GUTMANN ALUMINIUM DRAHT we engineered a straightening and sawing machine.
The machine has been in use since August 2020.

May 2020

Rudolf Roder takes his retirement

Heidi Roder retiresAt the end of April, Rudolf Roder takes his retirement. With the founding of RODER ENGINEERING AG, he laid the foundation for his successful career.

Completed projects

Skills & Services

We provide you a basis for decisions considering the necessary elements of evidence and cost-benefit analysis.

  • Mechanical construction from the idea to the documents of manufacturing
  • Calculations of drive systems, etc.
  • Project engineering for control systems and safety concepts


Together with you and our partners we develop and build your machine. We deliver the machine operable with instructions and certificates according to todays regulation.

  • Providing the basis for a cost-benefit analysis
  • Planning and realization of modernizations focussed on electrical controls and mechanics
  • Project engineering of safety concepts


We recalculate structure and skeleton frames and do dimensioning of construction elements. We do calculations about the increase of the actual load, the constructions of special elements, test devices etc.


Leading projects in the areas mechanic, machine building, and engineering for special machinery.


Providing knowledge and experience for your decisions, expert’s reports, expertises for assurances and justice, etc. in the areas mechanic, machine building, engineering for special machinery, and rolling mills.

  • Risk evaluation with the software Safexpert
  • Support to develop safety concepts, instruction handbooks, and technical documentation
  • Consulting service about the implementation of the guidlines for machines 2006/42/EG


Coaching is a professionnel support for individuals or groups helping setting goals and to achieve them. It helps crystallizing the dispers possibilites during time of changes. Coaching considers different parameters and interests, such as i.e. the individual competence and wants, the demands of the professional environement, and business objectives.

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Representative of our rolling machines and wire technology in the French-speaking region of Europe.

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