July 2022

WIRE 2022 in Düsseldorf

We were pleased about meeting you at the WIRE. It was a highlight to talk in person and exchange ideas again after the forced break.

December 2021

Swiss Engineering Experts

Toni Roder accredited as expert

Toni Roder is an accredited “Expert in SwissEngineering” of the Swiss Chamber of Experts STV.

The Swiss Chamber of Experts STV places engineers from all disciplines as experts at courts, administrative authorities, banks, insurance companies and interested persons.

December 2020

straightening and sawing machine for profiles (video)

For the construction of a straightening and cut-to-length system for GUTMANN ALUMINIUM DRAHT, we discussed the different types of cutting: sawing and shearing.

Due to the profile shapes to be processed, the decision was made to saw. Hereby the challenge is, that the chips do not adhere on the rods and that no burrs are formed on the saw edges. The straightening process has to run non-stop therefore the cutting to length has to be done as a flying cut.

The machine has been in use since August 2020 and is sawing and straightening rods to the desired length and in excellent quality.

May 2020

Retirement of Rudolf Roder

At the end of April, Rudolf Roder begins his well-deserved retirement. With the founding of RODER Engineering AG, he not only laid the foundation for his successful business, but also created the basis for numerous, innovative projects.

Rudolf’s ingenuity is based on specialist knowledge, creativity, and the desire for technical challenges. He developed automation projects – such as the unpacking machine for coin rolls, established himself with high-precision fine-wire rolling mills which are used in the watch industry, and built and modernized production systems for a manufacturer of high-quality tweezers. In addition to these niches, he always remained true to his roots as a mechanic, gladly put into operation new machines by himself and was excited to be able to further develop existing machines. So the track adjustment for hillside combines or the balance centering machine for turbocharger rotors.

With Rudolfs retirement not only begins a new era for himself, but also for RODER  Engineering AG. The business ownership was handed over to Toni Roder in 2014 and today the company consists of a young team of committed employees – Rudolf was always driven by passing on his knowledge and enthusiasm for technology. He will remain on the Board of Directors.

We would like to thank you, dear customers and partners, for the pleasant and constructive cooperation in the past 26 years. The motivated team at RODER Engineering AG is looking forward to realizing your projects in the future.

January 2020

Roder Engineering an der WIRE 2020


We are pleased to be part of the WIRE 2020 from 07 to 11 December 2020. We will be present at the booth North Entrance / 06.

August 2019

eBoard Luzern Bahnhof

100-meter LED screen at Lucerne station: RODER Engineering AG was significantly involved

At Lucern train station a 100-meter wide LED screen informs you about public transport in the city, local events and sights. This pilot project went live in June 2019 and is a cooperation of SBB and local transport partners. The goal is to improve the integrated mobility chain.

RODER Engineering AG has developped the screen suspension solution. The special challenge was, besides the connection to the existing rail without drilling, the modular design with integrated cable routing and finely adjustable alignment options.

In addition, RODER Engineering AG supported the 3D CAD design to enable the timely acquisition of all required components during the pre-assembly near the station, including functional testing and fastening of elements at night.

RODER Engineering AG has once again demonstrated its competence in this – literally – big project.

July 2019

Draht 3 Mikrometer

Precision in the micrometer scale

RODER Engineering AG from Thun has succeeded in forming microscopic thin wires. An innovation that amongst others could be used in medical technology.

May 2019

Heidi Roder takes her retirement

Heidi Roder takes her retirement

At the end of 2018, Heidi Roder took her well-deserved retirement. We celebrated in spring, as there are more than enough parties at the end of the year.

We enjoyed a delicious surprise menu by Domenico Zaccharia at Beau Rivage – accompanied, of course, by a good glass of wine – and spent a cheerful evening in a festive atmosphere.

We thank Heidi sincerely for the work done and wish her all the best and many inspiring experiences in this new phase of life!

September 2018

Roder Engineering AG Team

New photos for a brilliant team

The innovative team of RODER Engineering AG was finally put into perspective – the new photos of the sharp team show who stands behind the creative solutions and complex calculations.

July 2018

Engineering of the movable support structure for the new SBB information screen in Basel

The Swiss railway company SBB is driving digital modernization in Basel. Working to-gether with local transport companies, the optimization of the customer journey between bus, tram, and train reaches a new level. The new, twelve-meter-wide LED screen at Bahnhofspasserelle simplifies finding the way to the next connection, presents sights and, if necessary, informs about any inconveniences.

With the conception and implementation of the screen support structure, RODER Engineering AG made a significant contribution to the success of this project. Through the innovative construction the screen can be moved, and yet is stable and securely attached to the existing building.

May 2018


WIRE 2018 in Düsseldorf

We thank you, dear visitors, customers and partners, for the interesting conversations that took place at WIRE 2018 in Düsseldorf.

January 2018

Spooling unit for steel wire

Spooling unit for steel wire Ø 0.07 - Ø 1 mm

Line speed 15 m/s
Cylindrical and biconical spools

October 2016


Turks head Ø 50 for fine wire NEW available with two driven rolls

Our innovative turks head Ø 50 is now also available with two driven rolls.

If you have some questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

September 2016


Cut to legth unit for round wire and profiles

New! Our invative cut to legth unit permits a burr-free cut of round wire an profiles with flexible possibilities for fast change of the format.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if your profiles can be cutted!

April 2016


WIRE was successful, thank you for coming!

The demonstration by ZUMBACH of the latest measuring solutions online on our wire rolling mill was a success. It was nice meeting you there!

November 2015


Turks head Ø 50 for fine wire

With the innovative turks head Ø 50 we are expanding our range of products for fine wire rolling.

If you have some questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

June 2015


Test rolling mill for fine wire DUO 40x40

Our fine wire rolling mill DUO 40, shown at the EHPJ in Geneva, is now available for test during the next months.

December 2014


Modernisation of the central display board – calculating supporting construction for SBB

SBB is replacing the mechanical split-flap displays in 17 stations with LED technology. Together with cablex we plan and calculate the supporting construction to ensure the success of the project.

October 2014


An Article in the Magazine Schneider Live

The newly published article in the magazine Schneider Live focuses on spooling machines for fine and ultra-fine wire, in which Roder Engineering AG is leading in innovation. You can find the article in German or French.

August 2014


20 years Roder Engineering AG - celebration of a jubilee

15 August 2014, Thun: the company Roder Engineering AG does not only celebrate its 20th anniversary, but also the assignemt of Toni Roder as the new business leader!

The celebration took place in the italian restaurant Beau Rivage where the guest not only enjoyed culinary highlights but as well an interesting speech by Jon Keller and charming entertainment by the talented mezzo soprano Sandra Thomi.

The whole team would like to thanks again his partner and clients over the last 20 years and in the future and hopes that all guests enjoyed the celebration!

May 2014


Systems are available for demonstrations and test

Our innovative and all Swiss-made modular spooling machines specialized for fine and ultra-fine wire are now available for demonstrations and tests. The chosen concept allows to be adapted on individual needs at the top of today’s technique.

Further we can provide one of our Ultra-fine flat wire rolling mill (DUO 40×40) as well for tests. It would be a pleasure for us to roll your wire as a test. Like this you will get the opportunity to evaluate the possibilities and qualities of this rolling mill befor a purchase decision.

April 2014


Spooling machines for fine wire

We proudly present you the new, innovative and all Swiss-made modular concept for spooling machines specialized for fine and ultra-fine wire. This concept fulfills all your individual needs, being on the top of today’s technique.

August 2013


Retirement of Ivan Buljan

Our colleague and friend Ivan Buljan took his retirement in summer. We wish Ivan only the best for this new and interesting stage in his life. We will miss his good soul and humor in the daily routine.

We celebrated Ivans retirement together with all the colleagues and their family.